Friday, January 30, 2009

Car starters and the power of fluff

Henna henna heena hey en na heyna hey yall,

Car broke down a'lil
Very cold. Olga grew wings. They're goldish yellow.
She agrees that if you say the word "blog" aloud it may be the stupidest word since "org".

A haiku for your ass:

'Lectric Snowblower
Still I love your frozen cord
Diggin this hair cut

I'm fuckin up Josh's hair as we speak. I'm saving it tho to make an omlette or extra pet.

Snow is cold.
I am the wizard of scissors.
Josh is so stupid

His hair looks great now. He does need to wash it more often. What a stupid baby. I love him.
Bad haircut and all.

I need more glasses. Cant read.

Hair pile is gone.

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